We weren’t always business partners.

Before taking the leap to open up shop as Girl Meraki, we were Maria and Paige, your typical mama and daughter duo. We binge watched reality television at night, went market hopping on weekends and called each other 15 times a day.

None of this has changed, except that we are now in business together and head over heels with it.

We’re passionate about interiors, mad about our small boutique store, and obsessed with helping others create their dream living space.

From selecting the perfect combination of cushions for your lounge, to making sure you’ve got layers, textures and tones to suit your home and your personality. We are here to help you fall in love with where you live, even more.

Together we are strong believers in creating homes full of soul and excitement, rather than a perfectly positioned ‘showroom’ to tip toe in. Give us a collection of eclectic, handmade, and soulful pieces over an emotionless space any day! Are you with us?!

In addition to our interiors range, we house a constantly evolving selection of thoughtful gifts, candles, cards and plants so you can share your most loved pieces from Girl Meraki with your favourite people in this world. Complimentary gift wrap is offered free of charge all year round, and we take pride in making your gifts look so darn good that you don’t even want to give them away.

Whilst we love connecting with you here online, if you’re heading down South of Sydney please pop in and say hello! There is nothing better than good old fashioned personal contact, getting excited over styling pieces and bonding over a shared love of design. We can’t wait to meet you.

Forever grateful for you supporting our dream, Paige & Maria X