Full of soul, creativity and love, Girl Meraki is an interior lovers hub brought to life by the talented Mother and Daughter duo, Maria and Paige.

With Maria's career being established over 40 years ago in the design world and Paige's in Creative Arts and Floristry the pair have brought together their experience from these industries to pour an abundance of passion and knowledge into Girl Meraki.

Established in 2017, Girl Meraki is home to a collection of carefully curated Australian design, handmade, locally made and global treasures. With a range that includes both vintage, contemporary & always timeless pieces.

Ensuring their extensive range is both aesthetically cohesive, functional, timeless and with a point of difference - the pair are proud to align with fellow creatives and small businesses to provide you with more than just a product, but rather something that you will love in your home for years to come.

Meraki; to leave a piece of yourself on the table. This expression refers to doing something with passion and devotion, to act with undivided attention, to do something with soul, creativity and love.


Girl Meraki the retail store opened its doors in March 2017, later expanding with the addition of the online store in 2018.

One of Southern Sydneys tiny jewels, the Girl Meraki store is small but mighty, filled with the eclectic range you have come to love right here online.

The Tobacco door sets a warm tone as you enter the store, where you are met with layers of individual styling pieces and essentials to shop at your disposal. Explore the store through the custom built arches, with character and soul woven into worn original timber flooring.

If you're liking what you see and hope to take a touch of the signature GM style home with you, the girls will be sure to assist.

Find the Girl Meraki store on the Concrete Playground + the Shire Scout as a must visit location in Southern Sydney.