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Breathing natural life into any design space

Girl Meraki is home to a range of both bespoke potted and ready to go plants in varying sizes, pots and colour variations. Hanging, small squat or tall and tropical. Whatever your interior or exterior style. 

Easy care is key, as we know not all of you have a green thumb and we too are not horticulturalists. We simply love green, fresh elements in design. Who doesn’t?  

Sourced by us weekly from growers we know and trust based all over Sydney, our range differs and expands constantly. 

Join the ever-evolving trend that is Indoor Plants by purchasing your first ‘Green friend’ from Mamas Greenhouse. 

Please note: Our Mama’s Greenhouse range is exclusive to our instore customers only to prevent damages in transit. 


MAma's top five




The Strelitzia is the perfect addition to any living space, especially in that empty corner you’ve been thinking about. Add height + life with this tropical dream plant.

Looking and feeling its best: 

Keep it in a well-lit space with some direct sunlight. Shelter it from all-day Summer sun at times.

Keep the soil moist throughout the year, this plant prefers high humidity.


Fiddle leaf fig 


Haven’t got a huge amount of direct sunlight in your space? The Fiddle Leaf Fig is the indoor plant for you then. With soft curved leaves this sweet babe can grow quickly and always upward. 

Looking and feeling its best: 

Keep it in a space with filtered light - they do tolerate some sun. If kept where it is too dark they will fail to grow further. 

Keep the soil moist, however, do not allow it to sit in the water as it will then drop leaves and suffer from root rot. 


Devils Ivy 


Trailing en mass, the Devils Ivy is the perfect form of indoor coverage and draping combined. With its sweet heart shaped leaves creating a larger coverage, this little devil is perfect for softening the hard lines of a shelf. 

Looking and feeling its best:

Keep your little devil in an area that receives filtered sunlight or bright artificial light.

Keep the soil well-watered, on a weekly or fortnightly basis is best. However, don’t fret if you miss a week or two, these indoor pals are hardy and will survive. 


Mother in Laws tongue 


The Mother in Laws Tongue is the ideal plant for creating linear movement in your design. A clean, contemporary, somewhat retro, vertical growing plant. 

Looking and feeling its best:

Keep your Mother in Laws Tongue in a low-lit space. 

Keep the soil fairly dry, water sparingly to avoid rotting.




To allow for maximum impact, let your Jungle Cactus dangle and dance from the tallest shelf. It’s thin hair like appeal will drape and grow downward creating natural movement and adding a quirky touch to your design space. 

Looking and feeling its best:

  • Keep your Jungle Cactus in a well-lit space, avoid fully shaded rooms. 
  • Keep the soil well drained to avoid rotting the roots of your Jungle Cactus. Give it a drink regularly, measuring if its dry when sticking your finger down into the soil below the top 2cm.