Celeste Twikler - Eloide Ring Size 8

Celeste Twikler - Eloide Ring Size 8

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A hand carved facet centrepiece of sterling silver to resemble that of a gemstone in a claw setting.

Allure peoples gaze with this handsome ring and have them captivated by the elements that change and shifts as the facets throw light. 

A band with a flower flourish as a symbol of growth, as well as symbolising your own especial nature; just as each flower is unique so are you. 

The design lends itself to being styled with an edgy leather outfit layered with jewels or alone with an oversized blazer. 


925 sterling silver

Brass-a mix made to take on a character with wear as if found at a flea market or on distant travel however this ring can be cleaned with a brass specific polish cloth if you prefer a shiny clean look. 

Facet Approx:

13mm wide

Length 17mm

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