An abundance of inspiration

Feet up by the fire.

Pot of Tea boiled + served.

Snuggled under the warmest woollen throw.

Favourite book out to read.. oh wait, what book?

We bring to you our top 6 books for inspiration both in text + imagery. Hot off the press, or should we say - straight out of our latest delivery.. you can get your hands on any of the books through our online + bricks and mortar store now.  Basically, we’re sharing our absolute favourites because we know they’ll quickly become your favourites too.

For all of the rainy, cozy, nights indoors this Winter when you’ve exhausted your list on Netflix, and you simply cannot cope with the feeling of wasted time in scrolling aimlessly on your phone. If you’re after a massive dose of inspiration these are the books for you and we will explain exactly why we believe so.



After years and years watching Joanna Gaines and her loveable husband Chip transform homes in Texas on television, following on from afar as her business took off, profile grew + dreaming of visiting her simply divine Magnolia Silos (yep, this is on our bucket list!).. we couldn’t wait to get our hands on her book Home Body.

To be completely honest, this is one we bought ourselves prior to stocking it. We just could not wait!

Home Body is for all of the home lovers out there. A handbook for creating spaces you never want to leave.

From identifying your own design style, room to room guidance and even a design template to get you started Jo holds your hand through it all.

Although the book features a range of styles, each is true to the brand Joanna has built and are extremely timeless. A warm, friendly, inspirational book for the Home Body.



Alright, Mid Century lovers – this one is for you!
The clever and extremely creative Mr Jason Grant spills all of his design tips for creating a great mid-century home. (Be still our beating hearts!)

An abundance of colourful, eclectic ‘Modern Retro’ homes for you to lose yourself in over a cup of tea.
Bleak Grey day outside? This book is the perfect way to brighten up your day.



If you’ve ever had a desire to learn floristry, or nature simply makes your heart skip a beat than this is the book for you. Take it from a Florist herself (If you’ve been following our journey, you’ll know this is how Girl Meraki started!) this book is an easy read, walking you through all of the how-to’s of installations, incorporating natural materials in your home – from bouquets to dinner parties. Anabelle Hickson covers supermarket flowers, funerals and more.
Divine imagery, easy explanations and a world of creativity at your hands.



By now you’ll know we are big on doors. We have always had coloured doors on our family home, and our store is no different with its vibrant Yellow front door.

So with that said, you can imagine how much fun we had getting lost in Door J’Adore.. an abundance of character, style and variety. Doors from all over the world.

Travel through a world of colour with each door sharing its countries style and flare, taking you on a journey.

Minimal text, maximum inspiration. A colourful feast for the creative.



With a business based on Soul, Creativity and Love.. you can tell we are going to be suckers for a book titled ‘Homes With Soul’.
A guide to designing with heart.
Could it be better?

Homes With Soul gets the reader thinking about how they design and style their own home. A step by step guide to filling your home with soul and designing with heart. From the perfect dose of light for your space to incorporating contemporary pieces.

Photography to inspire and questions to assist you in making your space your very own.



Following our favourite four legged friends through their unbelievably beautiful homes. Resident Dog walks you through Australian homes and the dogs which reside in them. A combination of two of our greatest loves – Design, Home interiors + cute as heck dogs. You’ll meet each dog along the way with an introduction by name, breed, architect and location of the home.

For the two of us flicking through the pages, we found ourselves reacting with excitement as almost each page was turned. Whether it was an amazing kitchen, a door we loved or the expression or name of the dog itself. We absolutely love this book.

You are guaranteed that Resident Dog will improve your mood, fill your heart + inspire your soul with all of the unbelievable design featured.

Charlotte + Frank may be our favourite cheeky pair of dogs.. however, Cookie’s house is definitely our pick for design.


They’re good for the soul.

There will always be something to be said for being able to touch, feel and get lost in another world. Especially when it’s a world of inspiration, creativity and things you love.

So there you have it, our top 6 to do just that with.

Note: They all have equally as fabulous covers to match the content, so when you’re finished reading they’ll continue to add value to your home styling.

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