Two girls, two years and now a blog

Here we go!

An introduction to.. us?

At the risk of sounding absolutely self-indulgent (we promise we’re not), we’re putting ourselves out here for you regularly. An insiders look into our business, what we think, who we love, what inspires us + tips. Most importantly.. so much interior based inspiration lies at the heart of all these things.

So boil the kettle, get a cup of tea ready and welcome to our BLOG.

We say get a cup of tea, because in our family we really do have a ‘Tea Club’. Four out of five adults in our home drink tea each night and get excited about it.. and you can bet your life we all have our own distinct cup.

With that said, we should probably cut to the chase and introduce ourselves to you.

Our names are Paige and Maria, nice to meet you! (this is when we’d give you a big hug).
We are two motivated, creative, blonde and absolutely hilarious women. Okay maybe we are exaggerating, we’re possibly remotely funny, and only to each other.. but this does make for a happy workplace at Girl Meraki considering it’s just us!

Our small store is where you’ll find us 80% of the time, otherwise we’re most likely watching reality TV together, pausing in the ads to talk about work.. no shame here, we are suckers for a little Gogglebox.

Luckily for us, we are surrounded by great people in business, family and friendships. Mostly the 3 cross over and mould into one. We love to get to know people beyond working relationships and we believe this is why most of our customers and suppliers are now genuinely our friends. If you’re either of those and reading this, love you to bits.

This applies to our family also, they flip and help us in business – whether it be our gorgeous bestie Sammy who is a talented Graphic Designer, older brother/son Dylan with deliveries after hours, Dad mowing our lawns on the weekend or everyone banning together to give us a hand at VIP events. We wouldn’t be anywhere without these great people.

Continuing on with introducing ourselves.. we know we’ve just met here, and we are so glad that we have. If you’re not sick of us talking about ourselves just yet we’ll get the ball rolling by answering a few very important, serious questions (just to break the ice).

Your first pet:
  • Maria “My first pet was Tammy a German Shephard. She was a giant sook who kept me company as an only child until I was 14 years old.”
  • Paige “Our first family pet was a Grey cat called Yum-yum, considering I was 3 at the time we got him I take no responsibility for the name which mum chose from one of our books. He was an indoor/outdoor cat with the personality of a dog.”

Favourite colour:
  • Maria “Favourite colour.. um, I tend to find myself always wearing Black for some reason, however I always seem to be attracted to a pop of Orange. Maybe it’s my love of Mid century shining through.” 
  • Paige “That’s an easy one for me, Pink. Pink any day. I love girly, fun, feminine things and pink tones seem to fit each of these.” 
Dream job:
  • Maria “I’m doing it!”
  • Paige “Having the ability to play in each creative element I love as a career would be the dream, for example – home interiors, drawing, writing etc.” 

Ideal holiday:
  • Maria “Italy would be my ideal. Having had a little taste travelling to Italy for work previously, and with my Italian heritage.. I would love to go back.”
  • Paige “Hawaii, relaxed beaches, far enough away from your every day, sitting under the old tree at Waimea. That’s my ideal.” 
Sport of choice:
  • Maria “Nrl, watching, not playing.” 
  • Paige “After too many years dancing, and a fair few playing soccer – I would say either of those still.. however, only the dancing you do with your besties on a night out!” 
If you could eat one food for the rest of your life:
  • Maria “Chocolate.”
  • Paige “Olives. ” 
Currently obsessed with:
  • Maria “Plans for our home renovation, which we’re aiming to start this year. So my first obsession is finding the right builder, who simply gets it.”
  • Paige “List making.. it’s not a new hobby either. I’m not even sure if it’s a positive thing, but in my opinion you can never have too many lists!” 

So now we’ve met and you’ve learnt a little bit about who you’re getting to know here, we hope you’ve enjoyed our first BLOG post.

Pinky swear we’ll keep it real + always full of love (and interiors of course!).