Ready for rotation

When we hear the words ‘Better layer up, it’s getting cooler!’ our minds go straight to clothing, I mean the thought of freezing ankles and wind-blown hair isn’t necessarily an appetizing one for the mind. We rush to our closet’s, rotate our Summer wardrobe with our faithful Winter staples and maybe even run to the shops for a new coat.

What about our homes? The place we spend most of our time, especially when it is cooler! How do you warm up your home for Winter, do you simply pop on a heater and drag out an old blanket? We’re all guilty of it – losing our styling touch to hibernate for the Winter.

During the warmer months we’re entertaining more, we’re focused on having the people we love in our homes and we’re making sure we love what we’re sharing with them.

But, we’re here to tell you – it doesn’t have to be comfort over style, you can love your space, live in it and be proud of it through the cooler months too.

Rotate your textiles – You’re not wearing the same shorts you were in January as it hits July, so why should your couch be layered in the same textiles?
It’s time to dress your couch the way that it deserves. We’re talking big chunky knit throws, soft velvets, rich colours paired with interchangeable neutrals. Sounds pretty lush right?
But! Wait! You’ve just spent all Summer styling your living space? No stress.. it’s all about rotating.

Your light weight Turkish throw, tropical cushions and brighter colours are simply about to take a vacation, they’ll be back to visit as the seasons change again. If you have some plain cushions for example these may work all year round (a great way to save money is to purchase a versatile backing cushion).

Our top 2 to focus on when selecting Winter textiles are:


Choose a direction – will you go subtle neutrals or rich royal tones. These are our personal favourite go-to colour palettes this season.

Neutrals - A subtle Grey or Cream colour palette (hint: maybe introduce a touch of leather here or there) will be the most versatile whilst adding warmth and cosiness to your home. As it is calming, and neutral it is also a timeless approach you’ll be able to rotate each year as Winter reappears.

Royals - For those of you who are slightly more adventurous - Royal colours will add a level of drama and sophistication to your space. Our choice for this Winter is Rich Greens, Golds + Charcoals.



Soft textural, tactile fabrics are the way to go when adding warmth to your living space – Wool + Velvet. We simply cannot go past them this season and there’s a few reasons why. They’ll add a level of luxury to your space and they’re also super soft to actually snuggle up with.

Our advice to you – As you enter each new season is to work out what your natural element in the space will be? What is it bringing to your home and is it easy care?

For example, as we enter Spring our favourite go-to fresh flower to celebrate the start of the season are Tulips. They’re fabulous grouped and come in a variety of styles - they’re also freshest at this time of year and can last up to two weeks when cared for appropriately. The perfect pop of colour to celebrate the start of Spring.
So, what would we suggest for Winter you ask?

The easiest of all – DRIED. Dried flowers are the ideal way to add a touch of nature indoors. We say this because:
  1. At most you’ll have to dust them down occasionally – they’re zero care
  2. You can have your heater or fire going 24/7 and they will not wilt, die or change at all
  3. As they’re dried, you’re adding warm brown, golden or grey-like tones to you home
  4. Texture, shape, line + another layer to your styling – you’ve just added interest!
Ps. You won’t have to change any water or spend any money on the display after your initial layout -  how good does that sound.


Where are you storing your extra Winter essentials, do you leave your snuggly (not so stylish but very much loved) blankets all over your couches? Are your logs for the fire taking up too much space and creating a mess?

Our top three storage solutions specifically for Winter are:

Heavy duty Jute bags for your logs – these baskets are sturdy, stylish, hardwearing, keep your mess to a minimum and as they are also a natural colour tone.. they don’t show up any marks! They also have handles to make moving your log supply around easier on the arms.

Tall, large baskets for your blankets – Select a basket of your colour choice, ensure it is tall enough to not only hold a few blankets but to also hide them and pop it in the corner of your living space. This will ensure your children get into a routine in tidying up the living space after using it. Your blankets will be in easy reach each night, and tucked away tidily during the day. It also means you’ll be able to showcase your throws without clashing and distraction from your old favourites.

Felt rectangular boxes – a clean, soft and compact way to keep your board games/ craft toys within easy reach but hidden when not being used. As we all are spending more time indoors during the cooler months, we’re all doing more indoor activities. This is the perfect place to store them, and the felt fabric adds warmth to your styling all at the same time.


Get them out and light them up girls, this will make your home feel welcoming, cozy and smell amazing all at the same time. You’re indoors more, so make it the most enjoyable place to be.

Although we absolutely love fresh, clean and crisp scents in store (You know we adore the Nectarine + Mint Hutwoods Candle)– for Winter we recommend burning something with a flowery undertone.

Our go to burn candles are Hutwoods - with a crackling wood wick, soy wax and in a glass cylinder they’re easy to burn and smell divine. Favourite Winter Fragrance you ask? Champagne and Strawberries. It’s an absolute winner.


(And burning – please place either of these on a dish before burning though)
Lava De Luna are what we would recommend for those of you opting for a more design edge - a colourful palette, perfect for anyone working with the Rich Green, royal colours mentioned earlier. They’re a play on shape, with a gem-like appearance at times.

No matter which colour way you select our Lava De Luna range work and will be sure to have you fall in love with them in your home.

Time to get to it girls– Happy rotating + layering!