Challenge Accepted

So we won’t be waving to you as you walk down Wills Road for a little while, but we are still here!

During this time of change we are saying ‘challenge accepted’ and adapting our business so we can continue to serve you!  
How are we doing this?

We’re moving Girl Meraki online only temporarily – and no we don’t just mean with our existing online store.

Each and every part of GM is being ‘workshopped’ to ensure you aren’t missing out during these uncertain times. One thing that is certain – we are here for you.
Here with all of the service, advice, laughs, friendship and community that you would typically find when you visited us in store – fabulous product also of course!
To get the ball rolling we’ve introduced our #GMDOUBLETROUBLE initiative – this is a FREE service for anyone in Australia where we can provide you with personal service, experienced advice, laughs and friendship whilst you are at home.
Hard times call for harder belly laughs – we know we can provide these, and we also know we’ll all be spending a lot more time in our homes – so lets work together to create the sanctuary of your dreams. It may be that you simply need some direction on how to reconfigure your furniture in a room for example.
On top of this we are launching #GMCOMMUNITYCONNECT a series of blog posts focusing on local small businesses which we have a relationship with and know also need your support at this time. A way to keep our local community connected throughout the coming months and provide these hard-working legends with additional exposure to our loyal customer base.

We have faith that the community we are so grateful to be a part of will pull through in supporting us at Girl Meraki and also these amazing small businesses which we will be featuring.
Our brains are yet to switch off, and our hearts are as always on our sleeves – so keep an eye out as we continue to update our online store with beautiful new stock, start to share #GMCOMMUNITYCONNECT, host our first #GMDOUBLETROUBLE dates and roll out even more ways to get creative, stay connected and find joy in interiors over the coming months.
Whilst we are all receiving daily updates on the current Corona Virus pandemic, an ever-evolving bad dream for all Australians – and many countries globally, we may be believed to have temporarily closed our shop front ‘too early’ this week.

As you can imagine, our decision to close our big, bright, positive, Yellow front door temporarily was not one we took lightly. We spend most of our time there, and do so because we really do love it.  It was hard, however, the thought of someone we love contracting the virus and being unable to fight it off was harder to imagine.

We care.

We care about our health, your health and the health of those you love.

In previous weeks whilst our door remained open, we undertook all advised safety measures – 1.5m tape around the counter, constant washing of hands, sanitizer, wiping all surfaces after each customer left. We still felt these measures were not enough with the rapid speed that the virus is spreading, and our small 55 Sqm store made it near impossible for everyone to undertake social distancing measures properly.

As we both fall in the category of ‘most vulnerable’ we made the call to put health first. As we said, we care about our health, your health and the health of those you love.

So we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that we need to look after the elderly in our community, we also need to keep in mind that there are so many people who may appear healthy to you and are also at risk if they are to contract the virus. Please continue to think of others and do all of the ‘right things’ if you’re popping out for the essentials. #stayhome.

More than ever, please know we are extremely thankful for your ongoing support.
Sending the biggest hugs your way.

Paige and Maria, GM.
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